Staff Correspondent
Actor Farzana Chumki celebrated her birthday from the shooting set on 27 November. The day after was her son Sandid’s birthday. Even though she celebrated her birthday on her own, her son’s birthday was celebrated in style.
The actor was busy on her birthday with the shooting of teledrama ‘Sukher Gaon Kotodur’, to be aired on Bangladesh Television.
On 27 November she stated, “I don’t have much interest in celebrating my birthday. Today, the whole day will be spending on the set. But I am excited about tomorrow, as it’s my son’s birthday.”
Though she didn’t have any interest for the day, her family and loved ones celebrated the day privately.
She added, “Every year Sabbir and some of his friends come over and we celebrated the day by cutting a cake. We followed the same tradition this year as well. I have been receiving calls all morning wishing me the best. Somebody has even sent a cake over. Tomorrow I will be spending the whole day with my kids. ”
Chumki is currently busy with both teledrams and theater. She is associated with the renowned theater group Dhaka Theater and at the same time is finding time to act is teledramas for several channels.