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China has offered 30-day ‘port visa’ to Bangladeshi nationals. From now on, Bangladeshis would get the visa on arrival (on-Arrival) in China.
The Chinese Embassy in Dhaka gave a statement explaining the country’s port visa system on Thursday.
The statement said that ‘Port VISA’ in China is easily available for emergency human needs, commercial work, project repair, tourism or any other emergency work. To travel to China, travellers will have to go through the tourism companies of China. For commercial work, project repair or any other emergency work individuals have to have invitation from any Chinese company. In this context, Chan Wei, political councilor of the Chinese Embassy in Dhaka recently said, “The government of China has introduced the provision of ‘Port-Visas’ or ‘Arrival Visas’ for the convenience of citizens of Bangladesh including different countries”. According to the People’s Republic of China’s Exit and Access Administration Act, this system has not been made for any particular state.
He also said that ‘Port-Visas’ has been introduced for the benefit of foreigners interested in traveling through China, through emergency services, urgent access to China, emergency commercial services, repair of projects or other emergency work in China and travel agency.
According to this arrangement, foreigners can apply for ‘Port Visa’ on conditional at Chinese airport. This visa will last for 30 days. “Bangladeshis also can apply for this visa from the Chinese airport by fulfilling the necessary conditions and submitting relevant papers”- he added.