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Delwar Kabir, Jhenidah
The area of chili farming had been expanded every year in Harinakundu upazila of Jhenidah. The farmers are encouraged when they are receiving optimum price of the cash crop, said the farmers and the officials of the Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE).
The DAE has been playing vital role for safe and profitable crop production by the farmers considering their socio-economic base and ensure pest-free crops, said the DAE officials.
According to a source of the office of the deputy director of the DAE in Jhenidah, the farmers of six upazilas brought a total of 1,600 hectares of land under chili farming in the season as against last year’s 1,525 hectares.
Some 520 hectares of land were brought under the farming in Jhenidah Sadar, while 90 hectares in Kaliganj, 150 hectares in Kotchandpur, 320 hectares in Moheshpur, 95 hectares in Shailkupa and 425 hectares in Harinakundu.
Farmer Matiar Rahman of Daulatpur village of the upazila said that he brought 20 decimals of land under the chili farming in the current season. He brought 15 decimals in the last season.
The farmer is expecting at least Tk 40 thousand excluding the cost of production.
Matiar Rahman said he has been expanding the area of chili farming as per the advice of the officials the DAE in Harinakiundu.
He gave emphasis on applying organic manure instead the chemical farming on the plot to produce almost organic crop.
The farmer said that they were convinced by the DAE staff that farming of chili was more profitable than rice, wheat or jute.
A farmer can harvest paddy for Tk 20 thousand from one bigha of land where he had to spend Tk at least 15 thousand. On the other hand the farmer can earn Tk 80 thousand from the same plot if he produces chili.
Abu Sayeed, sub assistant agriculture officer (SAAO) of the DAE in Daulatpur block under the upazila, said that the farmers of the upazila are aware on the farming of profitable crops like chili.
Upazila agriculture officer at Harinakundu Arshed Ali Chowdhury said that the DAE meant for the development of the farmers’ community in the agro-based country like Bangladesh where
major of the population is directly involved with agro farming round the year.
He said that Harinakundu
farmers brought 425 hectares of
land under chili farming in the
current season as against 375 hectares of last season. The area of chili farming is expected to be expanded next year.