The example of caged birds aptly goes with the case for children of Dhaka and all other cities of the country. Due to lack of open spaces to have their physic develop stout and psyche broadened they grow up within the four-walled concrete infrastructure. Their learning institutions also deprive them of the charms childhood usually offers to children. Very few schools in a congested Dhaka have a playground, because these institutions are usually set up on commercial benefits within tiny floors of a residential building lacking open spaces in the front. Subconsciously, or sometimes deliberately, we are building up a feeble and frail generation to lead future Bangladesh.
Apart from education, the need for sports requiring physical involvement is beyond question. But unfortunately, the capital schools have moved far away from this reality. Commercialisation of education has set its root so deep in our mindset that we are hardly concerned about the law which does not allow a school to be built on land below 33 decimals. On the other hand, preserving an open space for a playground seems exaggeration when a school is built up in a residential house. This is a pity.
Most of the modern-time schools and classrooms seem to be a detention centre, and the children coming here to study appear as the incarcerated convicts. The locality where their families reside in also lacks an open space to allow them to get together with other children living in the same area. Even if some localities have one, there exists either an unhygienic environment, an unrestricted movement of drug addicts to threaten its security or an unhindered encroachment by the land grabbers. Thus, children are being robbed of their precious childhood slowly but surely.
Being restricted within the urban flats, these children are massively getting addicted to the sky culture which has exposed them to develop an aggressive outlook and narrow mentality. A lack of physical exercise, say sports, is causing rising obesity among urban children. Health experts observe that rural children, compared to the urban ones, are physically and psychologically stronger due chiefly to their exposure to open environment, adequate light, fresh air and healthy eating. Urban children are truly unconscious about how and when their childhood is withering away.
It is high time we realized the essentiality of a sound physical and mental growth of our children. We should let them grow up playing, singing and dancing. They should be given a world free from all limits. Only then, they can grow up to lead a better Bangladesh.