In her picture she is just like any other teenager, her face full of innocence and youthfulness and it is hard to believe that this young girl is no longer alive. Aritry Adhikari, a ninth grader from a reputed institution, committed suicide because she was going to be expelled.
Children, especially teenagers, go through an emotional rollercoaster while growing up and their feelings are more complicated and deeper in nature. They are sensitive and need to be handled carefully. For Aritry, being embarrassed by teachers in front of her parents and classmates was a traumatizing event which compelled her to take her own life. Instead of being so harsh, had the teachers been more understanding, her life may have been saved.
Most children these days have to face the burden of studies and continuous examinations. From a tender age, parents, guardians, family members and peers tell them that unless they have good grades, they won’t get admitted to good institutions and basically they won’t be good enough. When students are coerced to excel in every subject, in despair they may choose ways like cheating. But if a student is caught cheating, he/she should be given another chance to rectify him/herself.
Teachers have one of the most difficult jobs on earth because they are trusted the most in building a student’s life. From study habits to table manners, a teacher can be responsible for everything taught to a student. Yet some teachers do just the opposite. Instead of supporting or caring, they become strict and instill fear in the students. A teacher deserves every respect in the world but if the same teacher becomes a bully or harasser, who would the students turn to? Teachers have to be compassionate and sympathetic towards students, there is no other way.
We hope that our education system is reformed soon and our teachers are provided ample trainings on student psychology so that no other Aritry has to die and no other family has to suffer the same grief as her parents.