After being in the industry for 20 years, Channel-i has reached the homes and hearts of every citizen of Bangladesh and gained their trust. Channel-i has become the epitome of rich and healthy content for audience of all ages. Over the years, the channel has received many acclamations and awards for providing viewers with unique and remarkable programmes and for holding a strong and truthful stand in everything that they created. That is why it’s slogan for this year’s anniversary is ‘Koti Praaney Mishey, Amra Akhon Bish-ey’ (In 20 years, we have embedded ourselves into the hearts of our viewers), says a press release.
Ever since it began its journey, creativity, professionalism, authenticity and celebration of the youth have been the core beliefs of Channel-i. Its programmes are molded around the dreams, hopes and desires of the people of Bangladesh and it has succeeded in doing so for all these years. The channel has come across many barriers but has also overcome each one of them with utmost proficiency. When it began, it had a specific goal such as reaching the doorsteps of every individual with social messages and improve the lives of many through such actions. It has been successful in becoming the cultural hub of the country and the Pohela Baishakh celebrations that it holds very year, is truly one of its kind.
Channel-i’s audience are spread across the globe and every ex patriot of the country are being able to stay connected with their homeland through this channel. The channel has been a pioneer in the media world with programmes such as the ‘Lux Channel-i Superstar’, ‘Khudey Gaanraaj’ and many more. Channel-i believes in not mere entertainment but it also in evoking feelings of patriotism, unity and social responsibility.
The channel held day-long celebrations in its premise to mark their 20 years in media. Artists and audiences across the world expressed their love and wishes for Channel-i on social media and other platforms.

Staff Correspondent