Al-Amin, Nilphamari
Many distressed people took shelter in Uttara Abashon Project in Dhelapir in Nilphamari and changed their lives with needlecraft.
Hundreds of teenage boys and girls are now busy with needlecraft in the area. About 500-600 families are leading their lives through the profession here.
Neha, a student of class six, in her little age helps her mother besides her education. Within a few days she practiced the lesson of needlecraft. While she remains free or vacation starts, remains busy with making crafts in cloth and sewing also. Hundreds of Neha stay here.
Jamal, 50, works for a poultry shop of his father. His only younger brother, Rasel also helps him. He is a student of class four only.
In 2005, the Uttara Abashon project was launched. About one thousand helpless families took shelter in the project. Many women and men are busy in sewing and making different craft in shares there.
In an average, the people of the project earn three to five thousand taka per month.