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Chandpur Correspondent
Chandpur Election Commission is fully prepared to carry out the ballot collection from 5 constituencies for the forthcoming parliamentary elections in Chandpur, said District Election Commissioner Mohammad Helal Uddin on Thursday.
“Electoral rolls of 5 constituencies of Chandpur are now final. The voter list and the voting centers are also final. As with the past, all types of voting officers will be recruited by the Returning Officer and other officers according to the policies and instructions of the Election Commission. The voters’ panel has already been prepared,” he also said.
Chandpur District Election Commission is also taking requisite preparations. According to the Commission, in Chandpur, 18 lakh voters will vote from 5 constituencies. The number of male voters is 9,16,473 while female voters are 8,89,453. The number of voters in the 260-Chandpur-1 constituency will be 2,65,513. Of these, 1,33,751 are male voters and 1,31,762 are female voters. There are 1,105 voting centers with 242 male rooms and 255 female rooms.
261-Chandpur-2 constituency will have 3,92,543 voters. Of them, 1,98,115 are male voters and 1,94,428 are female voters. Voting will take place in 325 male rooms and 394 female rooms.
262-Chandpur-3 constituency is to have 4,29,835 voters of which 2,21,752 are male and 2,08,083 are female. 157 voting centers will have 427 male rooms and 440 female rooms.
In the 263-Chandpur-4 constituency, the number of voters is 3,09,685. Of them, 1,57,724 are male voters and 1,51,961 are female voters. 118 voting centers will have 301 male rooms and 313 female rooms.
2,64-Chandpur-5 constituency voters in number are 4,08350 people. Of them, 2,05,315 are male voters and 2,03,222 are women voters.
Names of the candidates of Chandpur political parties were not finalised by any party.
According to available data from Chandpur statistics bureau of 2011, the number of male voters is 11,45,831 and the number of women is 11,70,187 in 8 upazilas of Chandpur district.