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Fans may wonder “What is Superman doing in a ‘Mission: Impossible’ film?”, but Henry Cavill says it provided him with the perfect opportunity to ditch the suit and the good guy persona for a while.
Cavill, 35, says he enjoyed exploring a different part of his psyche through the portrayal of August Walker, a ruthless CIA agent, nicknamed ‘The Hammer’ for his take-no-prisoners approach, who takes an instant dislike to Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt when they are forced to team-up for a mission.
“It also gave me a chance to work with someone like Tom Cruise, which I was not going to pass up. He is a great producer, a very good actor, a professional and a kind of guy who has a lot of depth to him. It was really interesting to talk to Tom on the sets every day, I genuinely enjoyed it. Director Christopher McQuarrie is a great storyteller and I wanted to work with him,” Cavill told in an interview ahead of the film’s global premiere in Paris.
—Source: Hollywood Life