Cartoon People launched ‘Inktober Bangladesh-2018’ exhibition on Friday, November 2, 2018 at EMK Center, Dhanmondi. Throughout the month of October, Cartoon People has been requesting artists through e-mails, their Facebook pages and various other platforms to submit their works. From the selected ones, the top 100 along with 25 sketchbooks were displayed at the two week long exhibition. The exhibition housed various types of artworks, with artists drawing inspiration from pop-culture, figment of imagination or just a simple event viewed with their own eyes.
Started by prominent cartoonist Jake Parker, ‘Inktober’ is an online drawing challenge. For developing his skills, Parker drew everyday with ink and brush throughout the month of October with the simple goal of drawing 31 drawings in 31 days. To commemorate his feat, the words “ink” and “October” were coined together to form ‘Inktober’. It went viral and since 2010 people has been celebrating it across the world. It became a platform for both professional and non-professional artists. ‘Inktober’ creates a perfect balance of creativity and encourages to share the work of cartoonists with the whole world.
Ahsan Habib, editor, Unmad Magazine was present at the inauguration as the chief guest alongside Morshed Mishu, head of executive committee, Inktober Bangladesh; Syed Rashad Tanmoy, founder, Cartoon People. The programme was also attended by the artists, fans and their well wishers.
On the occasion, Ahsan Habib added, “Thanks to the event, practice has become mandatory for cartoonists and artists. People submitted their portfolios with their artworks in series, just like in a comics format. Now if we could insert words, we would be able to turn the artwork into a graphic novel or comics itself. Some artists have drawn randomly but in most cases, we see the work has been submitted in series. This has inspired the artists and many have decided to publish their work in a comics format.”
“Inktober is a tough challenge. You have to be consistent and draw for 31 days straight without any break. In spite of that, this tough challenge has turned into a celebration”, said Syed Rashad Tanmoy.
Samiha Akbar, cartoonist and founding vice president of Education Entrepreneurs Society said, “Inktober helps us to create magic with ink on paper”. This illustrator also said she loves to draw cartoons based on our day to day life. Everyday creates a memory. She loves to reserve those memories in her drawing book. It is somewhat cartoonish and aesthetic at the same time. “This is simple and at the same time, very much appealing”, she added.
The exhibition will be open from 3pm to 7pm till 17 November.

Badhan Sarkar and Shadman Muhtasim Chowdhury