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Number of cardiac ailments in the country is increasing at an alarming rate and in order to form a healthier nation, the health sector needs higher investment. According to a report by WHO, 27 percent of patients in the country die due to heart diseases. Preventing cardiac diseases as well as treating them, both remain as challenges for the government.
The budget for health sector has gradually increased but there is still a long way to go in order to establish a proper healthcare system for cardiac ailments. According to cardiac experts, heart disease management in Bangladesh needs more emphasis. Pediatric cardiology, especially the congenital heart disease, is another area which needs attention and monitoring. Early detection and treatment can prevent a number of pediatric heart diseases. Malnutrition is also a common side-effect of heart diseases and so a nationwide awareness against it also needed.
These days, the wealthier citizens go to India or Thailand for treatment but those who cannot afford it should be able to receive similar treatment facilities in the country. Often hospitals and clinics bring expensive equipments from abroad which remain unused because there are no skilled technicians to use them. There are doctors too who are involved in malpractices and these should be regulated by concerned authorities. Experts are of the opinion that digitization of the healthcare system, medical records, enhancing the private sector and community awareness can also help to improve Bangladesh’s health care service.