Former Australian captain Ricky Ponting stressed on the importance of the national skipper being part of the selection panel, saying that it would help ease communication issues and there would be better accountability, reports Cricbuzz.

Speaking to on Tuesday (January 8), Ponting said the captain also playing the role of a national selector would work for the benefit of the team. “I said when I was playing, as captain I was desperate to be an actual selector. More (for) communication reasons than anything else, it wasn’t because I didn’t always get the team I wanted. To be accountable and to be able to communicate well among your players, I thought it was vital that the captain could pass on his views to the players directly.

“I don’t know if that’s happening now or not. I’d like to see the captain become a selector. It just makes communication easier, it makes it clearer, if the players know it’s coming from the captain, someone who’s there working with them on a daily basis. You’d like to see whatever he had to say to the players would be honest and to the point. I’ve said it for years that I’d like to see it that way,” Ponting said.

While Ponting was never a selector during his tenure as skipper of Australia, Steve Waugh had been part of the selection panel which was also the case with Michael Clarke when both had captained the team. But ever since Clarke had stepped down from the selector’s position just hours after coach Mickey Arthur was sacked, an Australian captain hasn’t been a member of the selection panel.

“He’s doing that (having a say in selection) anyway. The selectors are still asking him what he thinks of them (players) and their futures,” said Ponting, providing his counter to the argument that captains shouldn’t have an influence over their teammates’ position in the side.

“It’s no different (if Paine was a selector), except he has full accountability around the group then. I’m sure it probably gets to the stage (currently) at times when Tim might not get a certain player in the team that he wants or there might be someone in the team that he might not want there – how does he then remain honest with them?

“But if he’s a selector then he can be honest with them. That’s what I’ve always felt about it. It would be a much more open and honest environment if he was a selector, I think,” he added.

“I just hope the communication between the players and the selectors is as good and as it can be. If someone’s been left out or not picked for a certain tour or squad, the first thing you do as a selector is get on the phone and let them know the reasons. How else as a player do you improve?” Ponting questioned.