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The cane industry, which is a part of history and heredity of the Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHTs), is now on the verge of extinction due to lack of patronization and proper planning for export.
Since the emergence of a lot of substitutes, people engaged in this cane-craft are somehow surviving for the sake of their livelihood in this hilly region where cane produced abundantly in forests and along the surroundings of home.
A lot of cane traders and growers had turned to other professions deserting this age-old handicraft, once found famous, lucrative and fashionable house-hold furniture and antique to well-off people of the society.
Despite the adversity, a very small number of cane-craftsman have been marketing their products to different markets in the country after meeting the demand of the locals.
Many families have been earning their bread depending on this trade till date at the time when everything is changing rapidly to artificial technologies, virtually a bolt to them as plastic products dominare markets leading the cane crafts industry to extinct.
Chair, table, dolna, morah, cloth-stand, cot, paper basket and different type of home furniture including other show-piece items for drawing room and antique had been made from cane in the CHT.
Cane craftsmen are turning to other profession due to scarcity of fund and lack of patronization coupled with different adversities, said president of Rangamati chamber of commerce and industries.
He stressed on the need for bringing the cane craftsmen under soft loan coverage and export their products abroad to protect this age-old craftsmanship.

AKM Zahoorul Huq, Rangamati