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In the face of widespread criticism from various quarters for being in the opposition and in the cabinet at the same time, Jatiya Party has come to a realization that being in the opposition might bring good to the party.
Taking lesson from the past, the party led by Hussein Muhammad Ershad now wants to play the role of a true opposition in the 11th parliament.
Except for Awami League (AL), country’s most political parties, analysts and critics described the JP as a ‘double role player,’ leaving the House without a strong dissent in the last parliament.
The party has realized that if it joins government and acts as an opposition simultaneously like in the past tenure, the country’s common people will not consider it as a political party other than a group of opportunists.
However, with only 22 seats in parliament, they are not sure whether the government will acknowledge the Jatiya Party as the opposition because at least one-tenth of the total seats are required to be considered as the main opposition party. Meanwhile, party Chairman HM Ershad and Co-Chairman GM Quader expressed their willingness to raise their voice in parliament to ensure people’s welfare instead of indulging in violent and anarchic acts.
The JP lawmakers will praise the good works of the government but will also criticise its wrongdoings, they asserted.
He said they will also carry out their struggle to establish people’s rights and take position in favour of the common and deprived people.
They believe that they would get people’s overwhelming support as the opposition party. The party will also take steps for strengthening their party and enhancing its organisational capacity.
Earlier, HM Ershad said the party would be the main opposition in parliament with no representation in the new cabinet. And he would act as the leader of the opposition while his younger brother and party Co-Chairman GM Quader as deputy leader of the opposition.
The Jatiya Party became the main opposition in the 10th parliament formed after the 2014 election.
The party in that election won 34 seats and its senior leader Raushan Ershad was recognised as the leader of the opposition with the status of a minister. Three Jatiya Party MPs were also made ministers.
Their double role has been criticised. The party could not play its due role as the main opposition in parliament in the last five years. Ershad, known as an unpredictable character in the political arena, has a record of playing mysterious roles.
HM Ershad on several occasions in recent years said he would ask his three party men to step down as ministers, paving the way for the JP to emerge as the real opposition, but that did not happen.