Abdullah Al Imran, Bagerhat
Farmers in Bagerhat district are very happy getting a bumper production of Aus paddy this season.
The yield of aromatic varieties of paddy has been increased in the Aus season. Farmers and agricultural department are happy because of the good use of aromatic variety of rice in organic method.
The farmers are thinking of cultivating this variety widely. The Agriculture Department also wants to spread the perfume variety of rice across the country.
There was extensive Aush paddy cultivation in this season. But due to climate change, due to reduced Aus yield, farmers stopped cultivating Aus paddy.
Green Bagerhat Organic Agro Limited took the initiative to cultivate aromatic varieties of rice in this season of Aush paddy in Dichichramalipattan area of Kachua upazila of Bagerhat.
With the advice of agricultural experts, they planted aromatic varieties of rice in four bighas of land. In the fourth month, rice production was 15-16% per bigha.
Farmer Monirul Islam said, “I had never planted this rice before farm minister farmed the rice. The yield of rice is very good. And seeing this yield, we are thinking to increase the land in the future.”
Ali Akbar Mintu, Managing Director of Green Bagerhat Organic Agro Limited, said that during the Aus period, there were new paddy dinners instead of Aus.
“After collecting the seed of perfume seeds from Rajshahi, we cultivated organic method.
We are very happy about the yield. In future, we will expand this aromatic variety of rice cultivation. Farmers of the area will cultivate this rice in order to provide seeds for them,” he added.
Associate Professor of Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University Md. Obaidul Islam said that Aus paddy is gradually going to extinction. This beautiful tasty rice is being lost due to low yield. Farmers are not benefiting, he added.
Deputy Director of Department of Agricultural Extension in Bagerhat Aftab Uddin said that due to absence of farmers in the Aus season, they think about the new variety.
“We will also try to spread
the perfume variety of rice
through farmers to spread everywhere,” he said.