A young doctor in Chattogram committed suicide last week and the news has created a storm in media. Before his death, he made numerous allegations against his wife and her family who supposedly provoked him to take his life. Any untimely death, especially the one where the life could have been saved, is tragic but what is happening to the wife’s family members is wrong. Their identities are being exposed and it is a serious invasion of privacy. The wife is also being severely bullied and vilified on social media which is hardly the solution to help Dr Akash’s family cope with their grief.
The family is being harassed by strangers and torrential of news surrounding their private lives is circulating on social media platforms. One particularly disturbing video is that of the wife being hit and coerced into saying that she has indeed committed some wrong things. It is one thing to be emotional and express anger, it is a whole different thing to vilify someone and harass others based on not so concrete evidences. If ordinary people begin to take matters into their own hands, the legal system will lose its credibility. Moreover, it is the job of the law enforcement agents to determine who the real perpetrators behind Dr Akash’s death are.
Dr Akash’s death was unexpected and it should not have happened but infidelity has crept deep into our society and both men and women are suffering daily from it. Blaming the women solely for it is unjust. We have to dig deeper into other matters like addressing mental health issues more and being more outspoken about domestic abuse, depression and suicidal tendencies. Seeking psychological or psychiatric help is nothing to be ashamed of and the social stigma surrounding them has to be put an end to. Let us not get carried away with emotions and rage war against each other on social media, let us be patient and respectful towards each other.