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Staff Correspondent
Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC) has will celebrate ‘World Investors’ Week-18’ through a 5-daylong programme.
BSEC Executive Director and spokesperson Saifur Rahman said this at a press conference on the BSEC premises on Thursday.
He said the BSEC is working to enhance knowledge of stock investors through education activities and awareness programmes.
“We are going to celebrate the ‘World Investors’ Week-2018’ to enhance awareness among investors through different educational programmes.
The programme will start from October 7 and continue till October 11, 2018. The programme will be inaugurated at 10am at the Krishibid Institution of Bangladesh (KIB) in Dhaka. The BSEC will organise the programme laying importance on importance of investment education and the protection of the investor on the day. On 8 October, Central Depository Bangladesh (CDBL) will organise another seminar on Investment Education and Protection of Investors at 11:30am at the University of Liberal Arts of Bangladesh (ULAB) in Dhaka.
On 9 October, the Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) will organise a seminar on DSE’s role in investment education and investors at IDEB Building at Kakrail in Dhaka.
On 10 October, Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE) will organise a seminar on Investor Protection and Regularity Framework of Bangladesh at 3pm on the CSE premises in Chittagong.
On the same day, City Bank Capital Resources Limited will organise a seminar on Investor Education and Protection at 10am at East West University.
On 11 October, Bangladesh Merchant Bankers Association will organise a discussion on importance of investing in the primary market and increasing the awareness of the investors at 11:30am at Hotel 71 auditorium in Dhaka.
On the same day, the meeting and concluding ceremony will be held at 4pm on the BSEC premises in Dhaka.