Bangladesh wicketkeeper/batsman Mushfiqur Rahim got finger injury during to his batting practice at the Mirpur Indore net in the morning.
Mushfiqur Rahim hit in the thumb on his right hand while practicing in the indore batting field at Mirpur Sher-e-Bangla Stadium.
But the news of the relief is that the injury is not too serious. The doctor of the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) Debasish Chowdhury is sure to do so. He said that the injury is not very serious, but they will see 24 hours.
The team’s experienced member had to come out untimely from the practice of severe pain, the. X-rays were done immidiately.
Debashish said that there is no uncertainty about him yet. Debashish said in the afternoon, there is nothing to be worried about Mushfiq’s injury, ”X-ray was normal, no cracks found. Whether there is anything else, can be understood tomorrow. Today he did not practice anymore, he has been given rest.”
“We gave him rest for 24 hours,” said Debashish. ” Then we will ensure by the x-ray. But it’s believed the injury is not too serious. But we will keep observing at the last moment. ” Later during the press briefing Mominul Haq said, ”I think (the finger) is good. But even if it was broken, he will play. The finger did not break. Maybe it’s still good.” Misbah’s message is being heard against Bangladesh’s best batsman and dependent icon Mushfiqur Rahim in Dhaka Test against the West Indies. He got injured during batting in formal practice before the second match of the series on Wednesday. Because of this, he is worried about his playing in the Dhaka Test. BCB director Akram Khan said about his injury that Mushfiqur Rahim has not yet made any decision to play. But he got a little injury.
Left-handed opener Imrul Kayes was dropped from the shoulder injury earlier, while the number of squadrons in the squad was 13. Now if Mushfiqur Rahim can not play, then this number will stand 12. In that case, the selectors will have to take their modified players on an urgent basis.
Bangladesh-West Indies will be at the Mirpur Sher-e-Bangla National Stadium as the second and final Test of the series on November 30. Earlier Bangladesh won the first match.