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New vaccine can protect from getting infected

A new vaccine has been invented which may be able to provide immunity against the HIV virus and a recent test carried on 393 people has shown that the vaccine actually produced an anti-HIV immune system response among the test participants. Globally, there are around 37 million HIV or AIDs patients and although the rate is low in Bangladesh, UNICEF has estimated that by 2025, 8 percent of the population could be HIV infected.
The HIV virus is a particularly challenging one because this virus can mutate and become more aggressive or change into different forms. Since the virus attacks our immune system, if this new vaccine can prevent it from taking hold, it will surely help those who are at risk of getting infected by HIV.
This new treatment, which is actually a mix up of different pieces of the HIV virus, is hoped to be a better protection against HIV and AIDS because when tested on healthy individuals, it showed no side effects. In a country like Bangladesh, where more and more migrant workers are getting exposed to contracting HIV, such vaccines will surely bring positive results.
Although HIV in Bangladesh has remained low for years, there is a ‘concentrated HIV epidemic’ among drug users who share the same syringe or needle and according to WHO, Bangladesh is the only country in South Asia where new infections are rising. In such a circumstance, breakthrough medical treatments may prove to be vital in protecting our citizens from HIV and AIDS.