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Gopalganj Correspondent
Farmers in the district are passing busy time in preparing Boro seedbeds.
The Bangladesh Agriculture Development Corporation (BADC), the Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) and some local seed traders have already distributed seeds of BRRI Dhan 28, 29, 47, 50, BR 14, 26 and Bina Dhan 11, 16, 20, Hira-1, Hira-2, Hira-6, Chamoc-1, Babilon, Monhar-6, Durbar, Agomoni, Mollica-3, Gold, Moharaj and Basmoti among the farmers.
Sources said a total of 1,900 tonnes of seed will be distributed to cultivate Boro paddy in 4,360 hectares of land.DAE officials said they have a target to grow Boro in some 3,99,518 hectares of land this season.
Abu Talib Mollah of Golabaria village under Gopalganj Sadar said he is preparing his Boro seedbeds with quality seeds supplied by the BADC.
He further said a good number of farmers in his locality have prepared seedbeds with their own seeds.