It is good to note that the bilateral relations between Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia reportedly have reached a new height, and international affairs analysts and diplomats are viewing this as ‘golden era’ of relations between the two countries. Experts are of the opinion that under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, cooperation between these two brotherly countries has been boosted than any time in the past. Moreover, a number of bilateral visits between the two nations helped strengthen the ties in recent years. However, earlier, the relations between the two countries seen a perilous patch due to Khaleda Zia’s inconsistency in this regard. But because of some apt steps taken by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, both the countries have opened up a new door for development in numerous sectors, including religious, economic, political and military.
The people of Bangladesh consider Saudi Arabia as a true and tested friend as always. Besides a strong religious tie, Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia have long been maintaining a strong level of bilateral trade and ties with each other. A huge number of Bangladeshis work in Saudi Arabia making huge contributions to the Saudi economy. Also every year thousands of people from Bangladesh visit Saudi Arabia for performing Hajj which also contributes to the economy of the kingdom. Moreover, over the last few years both the countries have been able to reinforce cooperation due to relentless efforts from the both sides. The two countries have reached an increasing level of bilateral trade in recent years crossing the USD 1 billion mark in 2017-18 fiscal years.
Though based on common faith, culture, values and aspirations Bangladesh is enjoying excellent relations with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with advancement of new partnerships in mutually interested areas such as trade, investment, education, ICT, manpower etc, there are still scopes to further strengthen the collaboration in the fields of economy, culture, and defence and security. Also there is room for working for the welfare of the Bangladeshi labours and migrants in that country.
It is hoped that the ties will keep boosting in the coming years but in this regard, the continuity of Sheikh Hasina’s government is a must. Also another consecutive term of Premier Sheikh Hasina in state power will help improve the life and security of our working labours and migrants in Saudi Arabia.