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Staff Correspondent
Amar Ekhushey Boi Mela witnessed a big crowd on its opening day as the day was Friday, a weekly holiday.
People from all walks of lives were seen thronging the traditional book fair immediately after the departure of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at 5 pm.
Earlier, the prime minister inaugurated the month-long fair and addressed the opening ceremony.
This year the fair, being held on the Bangla Academy Premises and at nearby Suhrawardy Udyan, saw a crowd on its very first day unlike the previous years when the fair took a little more time to pull crowds.
A huge number of people came to the Friday’s fair with a festive mood. Their eyes were full of gladness while they took entry to the fair. All of them were seen moving around the premises with a curious look.
Many were busy taking selfies on their cellphones with posing smile also.
The visitors, especially students and parents with their children were found browsing through books at different stalls.With the rolling of time, the crowd turned bigger.
Visitors said they came to the fair like they did in the previous years. Many of them said they come to the fair every year. The fair is not a platform of buying and selling books to them only, it is a festival.
“Visiting the fair, knowing the updates of new books are a traditional practice of country’s readers, especially of university-level students,” a visitor, who is a student of Dhaka University, said.

“The fair is a very nice platform for children and adolescents. It also gears up their motivation to be read books. That is why I, every year come to the fair,” said another visitor, who came with his wife and 14 year-old child.
The fair that people treat as a traditional festival welcomes both writers and readers.
The fair authority set up a stage named ‘Lekhok Bolchi’, where five writers will talk about their new books every day. Writers and readers will exchange their views there.
Besides, a special initiative has been taken in the fair to promote adolescent and child writers.
A total number of 499 organizations, including publication companies and government bodies, have participated in the fair with 770 stalls this year.
Majority of the publishing organizations has brought new books on the occasion of the fair.
However, the construction and decoration of many of stalls are yet to be completely done.
Publishers said the fair saw crowd in its first day because it was Friday.
Majority of visitors just came to visit the fair not to buy books, they said, adding that the scenario will change with the rolling of time.
Notable that the fair will continue till February 28 and remain open from 3 pm to 9 pm every day except weekly holidays.
The book fair is scheduled to open at 11 am and end at 9 pm in holidays.