Against the backdrop of BNP high command not permitting their elected MPs to take oath and sit in parliament as law makers, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has urged the party to uphold democratic practices in a parliamentary system of governance. On Saturday, she has advised them to settle the lawsuits in the court and attend the first parliament session to be held on 30 January.
Since BNP has contested the election and won a number of seats they should do justice to the verdict of the people who have cast their votes in their favour. If they do not attend parliament sessions and take part in the development process of the country, their supporters will become disheartened and feel their votes have been wasted. Therefore, if not for anything else, they should make their voters happy by attending parliament.
In a bid to removing some misconceptions from the minds of the countrymen, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina clarified that the corruption cases filed against Khaleda Zia was not filed during the Awami League government. In fact, it was the caretaker regime of 2007-2008 that had filed all those cases against her. So, she made it clear that the cases against the BNP leaders would be settled as per law in courts and the government will not interfere in this. The PM, accordingly urged BNP leaders to face the challenges in the court saying the government would not interfere in any case.
In this connection, Sheikh Hasina once again reminded all that with massive popular support, Awami League has restored democracy in the country and was given the opportunity to form the government for three consecutive terms.
It is being commonly felt that BNP could have done better in the polls if they had fielded better candidates without spending so much time in doing business with nominations. They took money and nominated weak members against strong candidates in most constituencies. BNP tried heart and soul to foil the election, but failed and as a result it has lost in the election by default. So, they should stop blaming others for their own folly.