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Instead of being simply street smart to outwit opponents, BNP has always tried to be over smart and thus gone overboard, falling in the muck of discomfiture, again and again. Instead of taking a straight highway to reach the destination, the party always chose to take snaky shortcuts through dark alleyways, ending up every time in a wider, deeper hole. It becomes manifest from their necking with the Pakistanis at home and abroad that the party decision makers have never given serious consideration to the fact that the masses of the people have an inherent disliking for anything Pakistani. But, BNP leaders from top to bottom, since its creation, has welcomed these foreign anti-Bangladesh elements to their midst and sought their help to capture state power. Even now, there are strong allegations of BNP seeking this particular country’s help in either seizing power or making it difficult for the Awami League to come to power again. And for either of the two this party is ready to go any length. This role of BNP has taken it farther and farther away from the masses of the people. But do they care about what the people think and feel?
If we analyze the recent activities of some pro-Pakistani politicians of BNP we shall be able to see through the haze of conspiracy going on centering the 30 December national elections. As per media reports, three top ranking BNP leaders held secret meetings with some officials of Pakistan High Commission in Dhaka. The leaders have been identified as BNP standing committee members Dr Khandaker Mossharaf Hossain, Mirza Abbas and former minister Barrister Aminul Islam.
But it remained no more secret when the efficient intelligence agencies of the country came to know about the rendezvous and alerted relevant quarters. It is learnt that BNP secretary general Mirza Fakrul Islam Alamgir was questioned on this meeting but he said that he had no knowledge of it as it was no official meeting.
What could be the purpose of the meeting? To have coffee and exchange pleasantries with the Pakistani diplomats? Nothing more than that? It is hardly convincing. Why the diplomats did not invite some AL politicians as well to have coffee with them at such an critical juncture of national politics? Many political analysts warned that the purpose of the meeting might have been a part of a bigger conspiracy to disrupt the next election scheduled to be held on December 30.
In response to such media reports, a joint general secretary of ruling Awami League termed the secret meeting between BNP leaders and Pakistan officials as nothing but a big plot against the AL government and the party in general.
This may be mentioned that many intelligence agencies of the country believe that the Pakistani High Commission in Dhaka has become a centre for carrying out anti-government planning and activities.
According to media reports, one diplomat of Pakistan High Commission posted in Dhaka held a secret meeting in recent past with a terror group and promised to arrange arms training for a batch of 100 newly recruited terrorists for suicidal attacks. The diplomat in question was finally withdrawn from Dhaka mission.
The violent activities and attack on their own offices by BNP workers and supporters of various candidates clearly exposes how unruly they are. Ignoring repeated appeal by senior leaders from inside the office building, they kept throwing stones at the windows and at staff members inside the building.
Political watchers tend to believe that as days will go by, BNP supporters and workers will expose their fangs and claws more to intimidate candidates of other political parties. They will also not spare the workers of BNP candidates who got nominated by the party. At such times, our concern is that the law and order situation might take a turn for the worse. The people will have to remain vigilant to protect themselves and their property.