BD Post Special
Bangladesh is going to witness free, fair, credible and participatory elections, overcoming all possible attempts to destabilise the country, as all the opposition political parties including BNP will participate in the next polls.
There is no other option for BNP but taking part in the elections. They will participate in the election, even if the government does not fulfil their seven-point demand placed in a rally held on Sunday.
All the attempts that BNP has made to unseat the government led by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina have failed and in this process their organisational strength has been exhausted.
In the course of negotiation, BNP understands that their alliance with different groups and parties will not produce anything good for them, rather it might be a burden.
They have allegedly orchestrated several plots, including Peelkhana mutiny, street vandalism carried by Hefazat-e-Islam directly provoked by BNP Chairperson KHaleda Zia, countrywide blockade programme, and latest attempt by former Chief Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha, to oust the government.
It is noted that in the process of local and foreign conspiracies, one Mr David Bergman has been instrumental in attempting a judicial coup against the present government on instructions from the convicted BNP acting chairperson Tarique Rahman.
It has been learnt that Bergman, son-in-law of Dr Kamal Hossain, had a secret meeting with Tarique Rahman in London, where it was decided that Bergman would confirm the deal with Dr Kamal Hossain with intent to dislodge Sheikh Hasina’s government by declaring 154 members of Parliament illegal.
Accordingly, SK Sinha also had a verdict prepared, but he wanted to be president for two terms in succession. But the BNP did not agree to Sinha’s proposal.
A sudden outburst from Dr Kamal Hossain on a TV talk show made it clear that he had been engaged in politics directed against the government.
He reportedly had tried his best to convince the BNP to agree to SK Sinha’s proposal.
According to sources, Tarique, who has been convicted in a graft case and currently lives in London, used a confidential third party to convince the former justice to hatch the conspiracy against the government.
The blueprint has recently been exposed, intelligence agencies have claimed.
Dr Kamal had also finalised the draft of the writ petition pertaining to declaring the 154 Jatiya Sangsad seats held by MPs illegal as the parliamentarians were elected uncontested to the constituencies due to the boycott of the 2014 election boycott by the BNP.
Tarique thought that in that situation, there was no other alternative to the government’s stepping down from office. In a scenario reminiscent of 1991, Justice SK Sinha would take charge of an interim government.
SK Sinha also agreed to bring the BNP to power through a staged election. In exchange, Tarique promised SK Sinha that he would be elevated to the country’s presidency. But the plan was foiled after several media reports revealed Justice Sinha’s massive corruption and irregularities.
According to BNP insiders, after repeated failures of the party in reinstating the caretaker government system, Tarique took to the path of conspiracy.
He clearly believed he had a golden opportunity to oust the government through a judicial coup, as had been done in Pakistan.
It is alleged that Tarique came up with a new plot, aided by Sinha, to publish a controversial book in a bid to tarnish the image of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s government.
Now SK Sinha seeks political asylum in the United States. As per US law, Sinha will certainly come under an investigation due to his purchase of a house in the US with money laundered from Bangladesh. He will have to face interrogation by the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to clarify his source of income prior to his eligibility to avail bank loans there.
Justice Sinha has alleged that he feels unsafe in his own country as a result of writing his book. On the other hand, Gono Forum President and leader of Jatiya Oikya Dr Kamal Hossain and Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus are allegedly working on a process to have Sinha get asylum status in the US.
Sources have let it be known that Dr Kamal Hossain was a member of the American Congress Legal Aid Committee and Petroleum Negotiation and Distribution Committee for a very long time. He also worked as advisor to multiple panel committees in the US. He is using these links to good advantage for SK Sinha so that the latter gets shelter in America.
On the other hand, Dr. Muhammad Yunus is an influential lobbyist in the US. He is also working for Sinha’s asylum. Since Yunus has won America’s prestigious ‘Congressional Gold Medal’ and also has good connections with former US Secretary of State and former First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, he has good access to the Democratic Party. He is using these connections to advance SK Sinha’s case for political asylum.
A prominent leader of the BNP has stated, on condition that his identity not be revealed, that SK Sinha is willing to spend millions of dollars on getting political asylum in the US. And he is ready to spend that from his own account.