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Habibullah Mizan
Bikalpa Dhara president Professor AQM Badruddoza Chowdhury has collected the names of around 150 influential BNP leaders, who are ready to get nominations from Bikalpa Dhara, if BNP finally boycotts the next elections.
Of them, at least 100 are former BNP nominated parliamentarians, sources exclusively disclosed to Bangladesh Post on Thursday. All of them are BNP’s nomination aspirants for the next parliamentary election scheduled for December 23. Credible sources in BNP and Bikalpa Dhara said the BNP’s participation in the next polls is still doubtful.
Because of the failure of the BNP-dominated Jatiya Oikyafront dialogues with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, most of senior BNP leaders are now reluctant to participating in the next national elections. However, many BNP candidates are creating pressure on their party high commands not to boycott the polls. They opined that their political existence will be in jeopardy if BNP again boycotts the polls.
According to a popular BNP leader, who is very interested in taking part in the election, said, after his defeat in the 2008 elections, he had found himself in a tough position in his constituency. And he had to face a crisis of existence subsequent to the boycott of 2014 elections. This time he will lose his existence if he does not participate in the next polls, he opined.
Another former BNP-backed lawmaker, who had been elected for three times, echoed the same sentiment.
He said, “It will be very hard to keep the activists in his favour, if BNP skips the polls.”
The issue was discussed in the meeting of BNP top leaders held on Wednesday.
Many BNP leaders said the case filing spree against BNP activists is yet to be stopped after the boycott of the 2014 election.
If BNP again boycotts the election again, more such cases will be filed against its activists, they maintained.
Earlier, many leaders convinced Tarique Zia after visiting him London to get nominations. They also showered him with expensive gifts. Now if BNP boycotts the election, then the money will not be returned. While getting money from BNP nomination aspirants, Tarique Zia assured them that BNP will definitely participate in the polls, reliable sources said.
Getting the assurance from Tarique Zia, they started preparations in their respective constituencies, the sources also said.
Sources in Bikalpa Dhara said they have enhanced communication with these BNP leaders. According to sources, Bikalpa Dhara-led Juktafront is taking preparation to give nomination in 300 seats in the next election.
Bikalpa Dhara, struggling to pick candidates for 100 seats even a few days ago, is now suddenly preparing to nominate the candidates as around 150 popular BNP leaders are ready to leave BNP, the sources informed.
When asked, a Bikalpa Dhara leader said, “The process of including a section of BNP leaders, who have possibility of not getting nominations, in Bikalpa Dhara has already started. Now if finally BNP boycotts the election, Bikalpa Dhara will get many qualified and popular candidates.”
Not only Bikalpa Dhara, Trinamool BNP, led by Barrister Nazmul Huda, has become active to get the candidates for his party, sources said.
Election Commission has recently registered Nazmul Huda’s party. After that, BNP nomination aspirants have become the main target of Trinamool BNP. If BNP does not participate, then it is quite sure that a substantial part of BNP will go to the polls getting nomination from Bikalpa Dhara and Trinamool BNP, the sources added.