The first look of Kaushik Ganguly’s Bijoya, the sequel to his National Award-winning Bishorjon, is out. As the cast embarks on a new journey, Abir Chatterjee, Jaya Ahsan and Kaushik Ganguly talked about what the film has in store and the emotions that run in the backdrop of the story.
Abir said, “Bijoya is a continuation of Bishorjon. The audience saw what happened to Nasir Ali when he accidentally landed up in Bangladesh and met Padma who later got married to Ganesh Mondol”. The story revolved around the three lives that crossed paths.
“Bijoya will delve into the equations between Nasir Ali, Padma and Ganesh Mondol after many years. The characters are more dramatic this time around. There are relationships that have no names — yet, they add to life in more ways than one”, Jaya said. They are like a breath of fresh air — essential to one’s existence and well-being. The film revolves around such relationships.
Kaushik Ganguly is the director of Bijoya. He said, “I had to make a sequel to Bishorjon, as people kept asking me what happened to Padma and Ganesh’s married life. I’d have to field questions like ‘Are they happy with each other?’ and ‘Did Nasir stay back in Bangladesh?”. “You need to watch the movie for that”, he added.
In Bishorjon, a certain intimacy brews between Nasir and Padma. The sequel will chronicle their lives after Padma’s marriage to Ganesh. The characters are alive in the audiences’ minds, the story had to make a comeback too! —Source: E Times