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Sylhet is a place where nature has built its beauty on its own. The north-eastern district of Bangladesh is full of captivating green tea gardens, wonderful subtropical hills and various rivers, waterways and wetlands. Bichanakandi is one of the landscape beauties located among gardens and hills of Sylhet. About 39 kilometers away from Sylhet town, it is situated in Goainghat upazila near the Bangladesh-India border. Steam from blue-green Meghalaya Mountains is gently coming down every moment to the rocky Goain River.

Beautifully adorned with blue and green shades of Khasi, Garo and Jaintia hills in Meghalaya region, the place seems an unexplored wonder of Sylhet. But life really happens here, no doubt about the arduous and troublesome lifestyle of local individuals, which will touch your heart profoundly.
If you haven’t been there yet, just take a backpack as it can be a one-day tour from Dhaka to Bichanakandi-Pangthumai village and Ratargul Swamp Forest within your standard budget.
Probably the most prominent vacationer destinations of Bangladesh are distributed in or around Sylhet division. Amid the occasions, individuals from everywhere throughout the nation come here to entertain themselves with intriguing regular delights of Jaflong, Ratargul, Lala Khal, Pangthumai Village, Mazar Sharif and different pleasant tea domains situated around the city.

Travel Tips:
1.Must keep comfortable
clothes and suitable shoes.
2. The entire journey requires huge
mental and physical strength.
3. Keep necessary medicine.
4. Keep dry food, high-calorie food.
5. Keep rope, matches for the
fire, chargeable light, light
water bottle, cap and sunglass.