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Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) and International Apparel Federation (IAF) will work together to uphold before the world, the country’s latest developments and achievements in the Ready Made Garment (RMG) sector.
BGMEA President, Md Siddiqur Rahman, made the observation at a press briefing titled ‘Views Exchange Between BGMEA and IAF’ at the BGMEA conference room in the capital on Thursday. IAF president, Han Bakke, and secretary general Matthijs Crietee were present at the briefing.
Siddiqur Rahman said, in the last four years, production cost has increased by 30 percent, and wages by 51 percent. Since 2010, wages have increased 381 percent. In the last five years we invested a huge amount for workplace safety, but our product price is decreasing.
‘A sustainable product price is necessary for sustainable industry growth. In this situation, we and IAF will work together to highlight the issue in front of the western buyers to draw their attention,” he said.
After the Rana Plaza incident, the country has overcome the crisis in the last five years, but this too, is not being reflected in the western world. In this very situation, some non-governmental organizations are creating pressure on buyers and demoralizing them. The IAF has agreed with us to work to highlight this success in the western world, Siddiqur added.
‘We will jointly organize different events in Europe and Dhaka to uphold the development of our industry,” he further said.
The IAF president said, we have already discussed a unified code of conduct with International Textile Manufacturers Federation (ITMF). ‘We, BGMEA and ITMF will work on this.’
‘There are many challenges worldwide, not only in Bangladesh, and we want to build bridges between continents. This cooperation is necessary to face challenges in the future,’ he added.
‘RMG development of Bangladesh is satisfactory. To make the industry sustain, spontaneous communication between buyer and seller is compulsory. The IAF also works on building relationship between buyer, producer and exporter,’ Bakke said.
BGMEA vice president (Finance) Mohammad Nasir presided over the press briefing while the IAF secretary general also spoke on the occasion.