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A new Bengali news portal Bengali Herald was inaugurated at the Hotel Comfort Inn in Springfield on December 2, 2018. Radwan Chowdhury, Chairman and Head of News and Anthony Pius Gomes, Chief Global Editor of Bengali Herald have jointly taken steps to start the journey of this new news portal.
Iqbal Bahar Choudhury, broadcast journalist, TV anchor, elocutionist, Head of Voice of America, Bangla service (Retired) was present as the chief guest. Anis Ahmed, a poet, journalist of Voice of America graced the programme as special guest among the other respected personas such as Dr Ashraf Ahmed, Dr Mahtab Ahmed, Dr Soyeb Ahmed, Mohammad Alamgir, Priyolal Kormokar, Farjana Klara, Farjana Hanif, Abu Rumi and others. With festivity, Iqbal Bahar Choudhury inaugurated the portal cutting ribbon and Anis Ahmed started the journey of this portal by clicking on the screen.
At the beginning, Anthony Pius Gomes said, “Bengali Herald is an online news portal and this portal is going to start its journey with the oath to provide realistic and impartial news to the readers. The main aim of this newspaper is to take part in the development of the Bengali community and to spread Bengali culture among the new generation through ethical journalism.”
Iqbal Bahar Choudhury and Anish Ahmed have also said that because of the invention of new technology, people of new generation are getting more access to mass communication and also getting news of the whole world through various online portals. Congratulating Bengali Herald, they expressed their hope that it will focus on realistic and impartial journalism.
In the second part of the programme, a panel discussion among the audience and panelists took place. Shatarupa Barua, a renowned persona of Washington Metro area, newsroom managing editor of Voice of America conducted this part a moderator. She is also a teacher in the Georgetown University, Washington DC. Iqbal Bahar Choudhury, Sarkar Kabiruddin, Anis Ahmed and two entrepreneurs of Bengali Herald Anthony Pius Gomes and Radwan Chowdhury were present as panelists.