Badhan Sarkar
The Bhoj company, as the name suggests, has a very Bong connection. And to celebrate the spirit of Bangaliana, The Bhoj Company brings to you an assortment of Bengali cuisines straight from Kolkata. From the kitchens of West Bengal, this restaurant presents to you a plethora of fine Bengali food.
Located at Road-12, Banani, beside Mumu Maria, this place looks extraordinarily good with a seating capacity of 50 people and has a beautiful ambience. Starting from the interior to service, everything is top notch! The ambience recreates an old Kolkata charm. The big sofas, bolsters, wall paintings and the colour palette of black and green are complemented by the steel plates and glasses.
The spreads are Bengali with a pinch of Mughlai cuisines as well. The fare consists of Bhorta, Bhetki Paturi, Jhinge Aloo Posto, Doi Begun, Chingri Malai Curry, Kochu Pata Chingri, Mutton Kosha along with loads of vegetarian and non-vegetarian Mughlai dishes like Masala Kulcha, Butter Naan, Aloo Ferdous, Paneer Butter Masala, Chicken Bharta, Mutton Bara Kabab, Murgh E Hariyali, Naga Roganjosh and lots more! So, let us quickly check out the best food items of this place.
Kolkatar Chaa (BDT 80/120) or popularly known as Matir bhare cha (tea in a clay cup). This is something that genuine tea lovers would gush over. The flavourful masala chaa that they serve is a mixture of aromatic spices and herbs in sweet, dense milk based liquor which is a must try whenever you visit The Bhoj Company.
They also serve three kinds of Dupurer Thali (BDT 395/445/495) from 1pm to 4pm that consists of a lavish affair of foods like Bhaat, Polao, Potol Chingri Bhorta, Murgi Sheel-E-Bata, Mutton Golbari, Roshogolla and many more.
If you want to have a grand feast, then choose from the three options of their Mahabhoj Thali (BDT 650/750/800) where you will get Dum Pulao, Begun Bhaja, Deem Bhorta, Murighonto, Kachki Macher Chorchori, Shorshe Ilish, Chicken Mughlai accompanied by Chutney, Roshmalai, Mishti doi.
For vegetarians, The Bhoj Company offers Mahaveg Thali (BDT 500) where you will get a variety of vegetarian dishes like Moong Daal, Jhuri Aloo Bhaja, Begun Bhaja, Korolla Bhaja, Jhinge Aloo Posto, Daal Bhorta, Chutney, Mishti Doi/Kulfi/Roshogolla.
Their Nashta Thali (BDT 295/445) which is available from 4:30pm to 7:30pm comprises of Chaa, Luchi, Labra, Haluwa, Cholar Daal, Mutton Kosha etc.
Those who want to opt for Mughlai cuisines, they can try out the Indian Thali (BDT 650/700) or the Majestic Thali Set (BDT 4000) in which Naan, Daal Makhani, Chicken Bharta, Kabab, Panner Tikka, Raita, Kulfi etc is served.
The owners are very friendly and passionate about this place and the food. Even though Dhaka and Kolkata are divided by borders, our food cultures resemble a sparkling similarity. So indulge yourself into the Bengali cuisines available at The Bhoj Company. Though the pocket pinch is little on the higher side, it can be overlooked only for their super quality and quantity of foods. Drop in to know more!

Place: The Bhoj Company, Road-12, Banani

Cost for Two: BDT 1500 ++ (approx)

Opening Hours: Sun to Wed
(9am to 10:30pm)
Thurs to Sat
(9am to 11:30pm)