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BNP-led Jatiya Oikyafront sat in dialogue with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, but like the Pakistanis in 1971, they took all preparations to thwart the upcoming election.
We all remember that in 1971 Pakistani rulers were playing a double game to hoodwink the people of Bangladesh. On one side they were engaged in a dialogue with Shaikh Mujibur Rahman and on the other they were bringing troops and arms from Pakistan under cover of darkness. Then, all on a sudden, the dialogue was abandoned by the Pakistanis and they started the worst genocide in the history of mankind.
Following the footsteps of Pakistan, BNP-led Oikyafront made a false show of taking part in the dialogue with Prime Minster Sheikh Hasina, but behind the scene they took all preparations for organising a rally yesterday to show off their strength and also to provoke the government by raising their unconstitutional demands once again. They could not wait for a day because Jatiya Oikyafront is supposed to meet the PM again this evening. General people of the country fail to understand why BNP and its like-minded partners have opted for a rally when they had the opportunity to present their rational demands before the PM directly. Here we draw the analogy with the actions of Pakistan in 1971 and wonder why the ghost of that defeated force does get down from the shoulder of some of our political parties.
Was there anything new in yesterday’s rally? Apparently no because in the rally, the leaders of the alliance have talked of tougher programmes against the government if their demand for a non-partisan government is not formed to oversee the election. This is self-contradictory because only the other day Dr. Kamal Hossain told a press briefing that it was of no significance who were in the government during election, what matters most is holding of a credible and participatory election. We believe when as the main spokesperson of Oikyafront Dr. Kamal Hossain says something to the press that should remain binding for all members. The issue of poll-time government is settled therefore all alliance members should think of something new, if any.
This is unfortunate that after nearly 50 years of liberation, we have to see some major political parties still living under the shadow of Pakistan. The body language of the leaders, their false accusation of the Hasina government and their feudal attitude towards the common people reminds one of the Pakistani rulers.
When the nation is getting ready to take part in the polls, BNP is trying its best to jeopardize the smooth process. It only means that the party, speculating defeat in the elections, taking steps to put obstacles for the government. But, if the people of the republic want elections to be held in time, we believe no one can stop it from happening.