Syed Nasim Manzur, Managing Director, Apex Footwear Limited, speaks at a “Welcome Reception & Networking Event” arranged by Apex Footwear Limited, for a visiting business delegation from China, at La Vita Hall of Lakeshore Hotel in Dhaka recently.

Apex Footwear Limited hosted a “Welcome Reception & Networking Event” for the first time for a visiting business delegation from China at La Vita Hall of Lakeshore Hotel in Dhaka recently.
The programme was arranged to create an opportunity for people who are currently involved in the leather and footwear industry in Bangladesh to showcase their craftsmanship and quality footwear to leading players from the footwear industry in China, said a press release.
The highlight of the event was the presence of local footwear brands of Bangladesh such as Bengal Shoe Industries Limited, Posh Footwear & Craft Limited, ECM Footwear Limited and Shoeniverse Footwear Limited, who showcased a range of shoe samples to portray the types of shoes they produce locally in their factories, which convinced some of the potential Chinese investors to invest in Bangladesh.
Videos on the shoe making process in the factories, along with the safety pre-cautions taken for the workers in the shoe manufacturing industry was also shown. ‘
These were followed by a presentation based on the current footwear industry in Bangladesh and the opportunities currently offered to potential investors and suppliers. Finally, a discussion session was held and moderated by William Wong, the organiser of the visit for the Chinese supply chain group.
Other participants included Tipu Sultan – Managing Director, Bengal Shoe Industries Limited; Sam Yu, Managing Director, Blue Ocean Footwear Limited; Lam, the lead of the Chinese visitors; Ziaur Rahman, Managing Director, Bay Economic Zone and Nasir Khan, Vice President, LFMEAB.
From Apex Footwear Limited, present at the occasion were Syed Nasim Manzur, Managing Director, Syed Gias Hussain, Additional Managing Director, Abdul Momen Bhuiyan, Deputy Managing Director & CEO (AFL Unit-1) and Dilip Kajuri, Chief Financial Officer (CFO).