Bangladesh Premier League, the country’s lone franchise-based Twenty20 tournament, will start from January 5 next year, Cricbuzz affirms.
The forthcoming edition of Bangladesh Premier League, the country’s lone franchise-based Twenty20 tournament, will start from January 5, BPL officials said on Sunday (July 29). The announcement was made after a meeting between the tournament’s governing council members and franchises representatives at Mirpur.
“We want to organize the next edition of BPL from January 5 to February 8. As per our knowledge, the next general election is expected to commence in the last week of December, so we have decided this time-frame for our upcoming edition of BPL,” Jalal Younus, BPL’s technical committee chairman, said.
“Before that we want to complete the players draft in October, though we are yet to finalize its date,” he added.
Initially, the tournament was scheduled to be played in October but BCB changed the schedule in order to provide adequate
security for BPL, and instead opted to host Zimbabwe during
that time for three ODIs and two Tests.
With the general election set to be held during that time and the organisers not confident of providing adequate security for the tournament, BCB decided to host it from January 5 instead. It is believed that various security agencies have already informed the board about their unavailability due to the election duties.
The proposal came in a meeting between the BPL governing council and the seven franchises of the tournament
“It was an informal meeting with the franchises. We will hold more meetings like this to take the BPL forward, at least once each month to voice each other’s grievances,” said BPL GC technical committee member Jalal Younus to the media at Mirpur Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium in Dhaka Sunday.
“We have finalised the January 5 to February 8 window for the BPL’s sixth edition. We would like to do the draft in October, which will be informed later. We have heard that the general election is supposed to be held at the end of December, which is why we have selected this date. But if the election date changes, we will adjust it accordingly,” BCB director Jalal explained.
Decision on the retention of players was taken in the meeting. It was also decided that a franchise can play maximum four foreign players in the starting XI.
“The previous decision of retaining four players, including local and foreign, remains in place. We took the decision after taking the franchises’ suggestion,” Jalal informed.
“There was also discussion over how many players can be directly signed by a franchise. We want to limit that number too. We will decide this later. But at the moment, we don’t want to talk about it,” Jalal said.
It was however, learnt that limitation on signing overseas players was proposed.
As per the proposal, a franchise can directly sign maximum three overseas cricketers and minimum of two, and cannot register more than eight overseas players for the season.
Further inclusion can only be made if an existing player gets injured or goes unavailable.
The number of local registered players meanwhile, cannot exceed 12. Previously there was no limit to directly signing of overseas players by a franchise.
The BPL GC and the franchises had also reached common ground of including DRS (Decision Review System) and of having at least one overseas umpire in a game. The final calls on the agendas will however, be made by the BCB executive committee.