Maksudul Ahsan, Curator, Contemporary Art of Bangladesh-India

Badhan Sarkar
The eleven day long exhibition on contemporary art of both Bangladesh and India started on November 10 at the National Art Gallery of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy in the capital. The exhibition will conclude on November 21 at the same venue.
Painter Maksudul Ahsan, also the curator of the art exhibition said, “India and Bangladesh are interconnected with each other. Both the countries are rich in their natural beauty and flora and fauna. If we closely look at our ancient history we can surely find ourselves in Harappa Mahenjodaro, Ajanta Ellora, Tajmahal, Ganges, Sindhu and Himalayas”.
Previously Maksudul had done exhibition at Academy of Fine Arts, Shilpangan Gallery, Bengal Chromosome and Basilio Gallery with painters of both the countries. Maksudul himself has his own paintings in the exhibition. He painted portraits of famous individuals representing different eras.

Clockwise, works by Abdus Shakoor Shah, Niren Sengupta and Biren Shome

The exhibition showcased around 35 artworks of painters from both the countries. Through the paintings each artists tried to portray their thoughts on different subjects which has been reflected in the paintings.
“The joint art exhibition of both Bangladesh and India is nothing new. I have started it back in the year 2004. I have showcased paintings of eminent Indian painters such as M F Hussain, Amitabha Banerjee, Jogen Chowdhury, Haku Shah, Manu Parekh, Niranjan Pradhan, Mowmita and others”, he added.
Among the Bangladeshi painters there are paintings of Monirul Islam, Abdul Mannan, Biren Shome, Farida Zaman, Abdus Shakoor Shah, Nazmul Ahsan and others.
Most of the works showcased in this exhibition are done in lithograph, etching, aquatint, dry print and silkscreen on paper. The painters have used crayons, synthetic enamel, acrylic and press ink for fabricating the pieces. The decoration of this art exhibition reflects the rich heritage and folk art of both Bangladesh and India. The exhibition showed marvelous paintings related with the real life of people and places, civilization and cultural trappings of life.

The writer works with Bangladesh Post