Barhatta Upazila Health Complex is beset with manifold problems, hampering medicare facilities for a large number of people of the upazila in Netrakona. People of the upazila called upon the authorities concerned to solve the problems as soon as early.

Dilapidated condition of the health complex building, shortage of doctors, nurses, medicines, inadequate number of beds and unhygienic atmosphere are some of the problems, the health complex is confronted with.

The 31-bed health complex received no touch of development since its establishment nearly four decades ago. At present, the condition of the health complex building has become so pitiable that it may collapse at any time causing heavy toll of lives.

A large number of people from rural villages of remote areas of the upazila come to the health complex everyday for taking proper treatment from the health complex but very few get simply prescription in the name of treatment while the rest are being seen go back disappointed. Shortage of doctors is a chronic problem off the health complex. Only 2/3 doctors are on duty at the complex against 9 (nine) posts.

Besides, a total of 21 posts are lying vacant in the health complex bedeviling medicare at it. Shortage of medicines, beds and mosquito nets are the main problems. After given prescription, doctors advised the patients to buy medicine from outside which costs exorbitant price.

There are widespread irregularities in the health complex. Some local people told this correspondent requesting anonymity. It is difficult to believe that in most cases menial staffs of the health complex perform the duties of nurses. Substandard diets are supplied to the patients at the health complex with the very nose of the authorities but no action has been taken against the diet supplier as yet. There is also crisis of pure drinking water causing suffering much to the patients.

The X-ray machine of the health complex has been lying inoperative for long for want of radiologist. The only ambulance of the health complex has gone out of order. The overall environment of thee health complex is very filthy.

Abdul Hannan Ranjan, Netrakona