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Bangladesh Association of Pharmaceutical Industries (BAPI) and Yunnan-Bengal Business Information Consultation Co. Ltd. (YNBBIC) are going to jointly organise a seven-day workshop on raw materials of medicine in China’s five provinces –
Beijing, Congzho, Hanzhou, Fuanzho and Kunming- from November 11, 2018.
A team of BAPI will fly for China from Dhaka on Saturday to attend the workshop.
The 30-member team from 17 member organizations representative of the country’s leading medicine manufacturers like The ACME Laboratories Ltd, Aristopharma Limited, Beacon Pharmaceutical Ltd., Biopharma Ltd., Delta Pharma Ltd., SKF Pharmaceuticals Ltd., General Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Hudson Pharmaceuticals Ltd., HealthCare Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Zasson Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Popular Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Unimed and Unihealth Manufacturers Ltd., White Horse Pharmaceu
ticals Ltd., Nexus Pharmaceu
ticals Ltd.
S M Shafiuzzaman, secretary general of Bangladesh Association of Pharmaceutical Industries is leading the delegation, said a press release. Mentioning that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated an API industrial park in Gojariya, Munshiganj recently, it said: “BAPI is strongly committed to maintaining the journey of sustainable development of the country and take the medicine industry up the ladder under
the leadership of PM Sheikh Hasina.”
The team of representatives will visit various important medicine factories in China and talk with Chinese representatives for exchanging modern technology and obtaining investment
support. BAPI hopes that it
will rich our medicine industry and make major impact in
the future.