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Tazin Shadid has received the covetous “Microsoft Alumni Network 2018 Inspired Leader Award” for his splendid work as founder of the Spreeha Foundation and CEO of Spreeha Bangladesh.
Tazin Shadid, after having his post graduation Degree from the University of Texas North (UNT) joined Microsoft in 2005 and after successful accomplishment of his job for 10 years, he left the comfort of a full-time Microsoft job in Redmond for Bangladesh in 2015 so that he could help improve the living conditions of the people in slums of his homeland.
Tazin Shadid started the Spreeha Foundation while he was still at Microsoft because he wanted to help improve the living conditions of the people of Bangladesh.
Today, Tazin is the full-time leader of Spreeha, which is dedicated to the health care, education and job placement training services to impoverished people in Bangladesh, also has created self-sustaining social ventures and Spreeha Studios, a business incubator that fosters startup companies. By the end of 2017, Spreeha – which is a Bengali word that means strong intention and hope with energy – had provided services to more than 125,000 people.
Talking to Bangladesh Post, Tazin said his “think big” attitude that he learned at Microsoft helped him set a goal to reach one million people by 2020. His time at Microsoft also helped him learn that in order to reach that goal, he and Spreeha needed to constantly “hit refresh.”
At that time Spreeha was a small mobile health clinic with a doctor and a small amount of medicine. For the first two years, Tazin said, it was just his friends from Microsoft who were funding the nonprofit and the clinic was able to support between 10,000 and 20,000 people in two regions.
Spreeha now also runs social ventures that include the Sneho Diagnostic Center to provide affordable healthcare to urban residents; Amar Lab, which travels to patients to perform medical diagnostic services; Progga Club, which is a creative leadership program to empower girls; and the Udoy Center, which is a day care and early child development center for children and an education center for mothers
“No one in their community had ever thought about going to a four-year college; high school was just a dream,” he said. “They are now ready for their master’s degrees, they have jobs with us as our community development officers, and they’ve started businesses.” One provides office supplies to businesses in the region. The other is a clothing line for women.