Bangladesh will soon become one of the first countries to deploy 5G and its citizens will enjoy cheaper and faster internet. The country is already enjoying 4G internet connection which has facilitated its trade and economy and improved the lives of those living in remote areas. The dream of a Digital Bangladesh therefore is on its way to become reality.
In the last few years, new technologies have been incorporated in every sector of the country and all of these have contributed to higher growth. According to ICT Advisor to the Prime Minister Sajeeb Wazed Joy, “Bangladesh is moving forward to achieve the goals of digital Bangladesh and ‘Vision-2021’ since the country has been able to deploy the next generation internet so fast.”
Compared to other developing nations, Bangladesh’s achievements cannot be considered any less lackluster. Bangladesh can now be termed as the nation which is most adaptable to technological advancements.
The government’s hard-set resolutions to digitize the country and build a more modern Bangladesh, led to introduction of many new technologies such as nano-satellite, digital SIM cards, smart NID cards and so on.
The citizens are already enjoying 4G internet services which have enabled them to have faster and more developed ways of communication and they will surely be benefitted much more from 5G. It is hoped that everyone will have access to this new internet connection.