PUBG, otherwise known as Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is a popular first-person shooter battle royale game that took the world by storm. Since it’s initial release in 2017, the player count in the game has reached as high as 2 million active players. Considering its popularity both abroad and local, MercenarieZ clan hosted the Bangladesh PUBG Showdown 2018 from October 25 till November 2. The tournament, sponsored by Zotac and UCC, saw the active participation of 20 teams with each team having a squad of 4 players and 2 substitutes. The total prize pool of the tournament peaked at 28 thousand BDT where the first placeholders were to receive 10 thousand BDT.
The tournament concluded on the 2nd of November. The two maps, Erangel and Miramar were played according to the PGI format. The end of the tournament saw Red Vipers Gaming gaming take the first spot with the biggest summation of kill and placement points winning 10 thousand BDT. The second spot was claimed by China Numba 1 winning 6 thousand BDT and the third spot by the host MercenarieZ themselves winning 4 thousand BDT. The player of the tournament also received a TT ESPORTS Meka Pro keyboard.