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Today no one can dare to point fingers at Bangladesh and use the derogatory epithet ‘Basket Case’ and undermine the nation’s achievements. From food to medicine, from electricity to economy, the country has set examples of amazing progress. In almost all sectors it has improved its indicators manifold and thus has become the role model for other developing nations.
Bangladesh is self-reliant today and it was no magic but hard work that brought us the results. First and foremost, one has to praise the tenacity and resilience of the common people in the face of many odds – natural and man-made – and give them full credit for taking the country nearer to the coveted goal. Their sacrifice needs to be highlighted every time we talk of progress and success.
But, again, it remains to be said that for the holistic development of a nation, pragmatic policy and the right kind of guidance is essential to be on the right track. And the people of Bangladesh are lucky to have a government for the last 10 plus years which gave utmost priority to people’s welfare. The government, headed by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, identified some pro-people programmes and projects and extended full support for their implementation.
Among them the first priority was to make the country self-sufficient in food production. The policy makers rightly realized that no development will become meaningful if the citizens remained hungry. The emphasis proved to be a pragmatic one because today the country can offer rice, fish, pulses, vegetables and meat to its citizens three times a day. Today, people can enjoy uninterrupted electricity supply and making the best use of information technology to earn a living and for other social purposes.
One has to say a few words in praise of the hard work of PM Hasina in a bid to upgrade the status from a developing to middle-income country. In this regard she said, “Our goal is to improve the living standard of each person of the country, including the grassroots ones and present them a decent life.” The living standard has no doubt improved a lot. Today almost all houses in a village are either made of wood or tin. Almost 100% homes have sanitary latrine and sources of pure drinking water.
With a plethora of development activities going on around the country, prime minister said confidently, “We want to make such a Bangladesh which will be self-reliant in food, education, and all other areas. The ‘Delta Plan-2100’ has been prepared with this goal to take forward the country step by step making the developments sustainable.”
Indeed Bangladesh has come a long way since birth. It is self reliant now. It has become a role model for development.