The day after their defeat against hosts and favourites Myanmar in the qualification phase for the 2020 Senior Women Olympics, the team have a day of recovery, reports agencies.
The day will consist of a walk and stretch around the picturesque gardens of the Inya Hotel. After this the squad will undertake a recovery routine in the swimming pool. The pool routine will consist of walking, dynamic exercises and stretching in the pool. The coaching staff will then review the game and conduct player tutorials concerning the performances in the game of players last night. All players will then complete their personal development diaries. A number of players are complaining of soreness with a few offering their feedback about bruising and tiredness. In the afternoon the players and staff will travel outside for a visit to the Myanmar city centre. In the evening a further coaching staff planning meeting will happen to determine the game plan for the India game.
Mr Choton whilst disappointed about last nights scoreline is very pragmatic. He said, “We are a young team and we mustn’t expect too much of these players too early. We are delighted by these International opportunities for all the players. We must continue to grow, learn and improve. India is our focus now and we will plan for this. Aki Khatun who has figured in many tournaments at a number of age groups offered her perspective, which is one of personal and team improvement.

Our goal is to get better and learn from playing players and teams who are better than us. We look forward to our next game. ”