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The appellate division has upheld the high court order, asking for the election of Bangladesh Association of International Recruiting Agencies (BAIRA), to be held by 20 September.
This order was given on Monday by an appellate bench led by chief justice, Syed Mahmud Hossain.
Hearing for the writ was by barrister Akhter Imam, supported by barristers Rashna Imam and Reshad Imam. While the state was represented by attorney general, Mahbubey Alam.
Rashna Imam said: “based on a ten member writ petition, the high court extended the current executive committee and stayed the order of the commerce ministry.”
Later, based on another supplementary hearing, the high court gave responsibility of BAIRA to Director, Trade Union, DTU, of commerce ministry and ordered election to be held by 20 September, added Rashna.
BAIRA asked for a stay order of the July 4 high court order.
According to the order of the court, the tenure of the current committee will expire in 12 July; after handing over of the administrative responsibility on 13 July to the DTU, elections will be held by 20 September, stated barrister Rashna Imam.