Staff Correspondent
Actor Aupee Karim has been away from acting for a long time. After a break of 14 years, she is back. Very soon she will be seen in the movie ‘Debris of Desire’ a joint collaboration of India and Bangladesh.
The movie is being made in the context of two of Manik Bandopadhyay’s short stories named ‘Bishakto Prem’ and ‘Shubala’.
Ritwick Chakraborty will be seen acting opposite of Aupee Karim. Aupee will be seen in the role of Shoma while Ritwick will portray Chidu.
The story is about a middle class couple. They have only one child. Chidu is unemployed, as result Shoma works in order to pay their child’s school fee.
The film has already started its shooting in Kolkata. The film is being directed by Indranil Roy Chowdhury. Even though ‘Debris of Desire’ is in English, ‘Mayer Janjal’ is the Bengali name of the movie. However the Bangladeshi producer Jasim Ahmed has said the name is due to change.
Aupee Karim was last seen in the silver screen in the movie ‘Bachelor’. After that she went on a long break and since then hasn’t been seen either on television or on the silver-screen.