A five-minute footage reel. That’s exactly what Warner Bros released Friday morning for James Wan’s ‘Aquaman’. The extended look gives viewers a greater glimpse at the scope and tone of the first cinematic adaptation of DC’s most underrated hero. While DC’s cinematic universe, outside of ‘Wonder Woman’ has divided fans and critics, Aquaman looks unlike anything else superhero films have offered before.
While it may seem like simple set dressing, the two objects hint at the film’s tone and influences, suggesting both otherworldly fantasy and beauty, alongside extra dimensional horror with far-reaching consequences. But before the footage takes us down those paths, it establishes the love story between Queen Atlanna (Nicole Kidman) and lighthouse keeper Tom Curry (Temuera Morrison). Over the decades, Aquaman’s origins have gone through numerous iterations.
Aquaman may appear entirely different from Wan’s early work but it still carries his affinity for signature set pieces and impressive design work. Aquaman looks like a perfect blend of comic book lore along with a fresh approach to DC’s cinematic universe. The result promises to be much more than another superhero movie.
— Source: Hollywood Reporter

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