Education Desk
Dhaka University’s Department of Arabic has started its application process for 4th batch of ‘Certificate course in basic Arabic’. Interested students who want to learn Arabic can apply till 24 January 2019 and contact the department for admission details. They can collect the application forms which will cost BDT 100 from the department. Applicants need to complete their HSC examination or equivalent to be eligible for this 6 months long course which will cost BDT 10,000. Classes will be held every Friday and Saturday from 5pm till 8pm.
With a view to running the current trend of foreign language study, the Department of Arabic envisions to equip its students with sophisticated teaching materials to attain the optimal linguistic competence in Modern Standard Arabic with due emphasis on both classical as well as modern Arabic literature. At the inception of the University, it was founded with an intention of disseminating the knowledge of classical Arabic for profound appreciation of Islamic scriptures. But over the past few years, it has also immensely highlighted the communicative approach of MSA along with Arabic traditional literature.
In the past, studying foreign literature was usually a passion to quench one’s thirst of knowing diverse culture. But nowadays due to globalization, having knowledge in a foreign language and literature is a great advantage to reach the native people The Department of Arabic intends to promote literacy by providing its students with a better understanding of Classical and Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) through Arabic textual traditions of the different parts of the Arab regions.