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Over the past few years, model-actor Nirab Hossain has been busy with his work in the silver screen. In spite of that, he did work in several television projects. On the other hand actor Anny Khan has headlined several teledramas in the past year. Recently both actors have paired up for their upcoming teledrama ‘Boro Jamai’. In the romcom, Nirab will portray the character of Bahar and Anny will be seen in the role of Bina.
In the drama, we will see Bahar as an angry young man who is also stingy. His attitude and stinginess has gained him the nickname of “Stingy Bahar”. This is hard pill to swallow for his wife, Bina.
But there is a touching story for his being stingy. To find out the reason, audiences have to wait for the soon to be aired teledrama.
Other cast members of the drama include Farzana Rikta, Anondo Khaled, Anubhab, Rased Khan, Khalilur Rahman Quaderi, Hasimun, Zakia Afroz and several others. The teledrama has been written and directed by J S Mishu.