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8 Upazillas are allocated to Sonali, Agrani, Janata and Bangladesh Agricultural Bank for the distribution of agricultural loans of Tk. 1, 17 Crores 55 lac 2017-2018 to 4 state-owned banks in Chandpur.

According to sources in the concerned Regional Office, 11 Crores 20 lac of 20 branches of Sonali Bank, 11 Crores 27 lakh in Agrani Bank, 26 Crores 70 lakh in 20 branches 15 Crores branches in Janata BanK and 28 branches  of Bangladesh Krishi Bank in the fiscal year allocation has been made for distribution of agriculture and poverty reduction tk 112 crores 67 lac .

The concerned banks are directed to distribute these allocated loans in various sectors including crop production, fishery farming and animal husbandry. Private banks of the district will also be disbursed in similar sectors.

Meanwhile, the branches of these banks have collected Tk 146.19 crores from different subscribers till June 2016-2017. The rate of share was 64%.

A part from this, till June 31, 2017,  Taka 355 crores has been left out of districts, agriculture, poverty reduction and other sectors. The expired loan amount in the banks is 81 crores 25 lakh 69 thousand taka.

Sonali Bank Deputy General Manager Delwar Hossain Abbasi told , “The first condition of a farmer’s loan is that he must have land for cultivation. But class farmers apply for landlord’s  ownship letter and get loans.’

In response to another question, the loan will be available for up to 50 thousand taka for fisheries, livestock and poultry.

Md Ali Azgar, Chief Regional Manager, Bangladesh Agriculture Bank said,

“Krishi Bank is a specialized bank.” Farmers ‘loans on farmers’ simple conditions for purchasing agricultural production, irrigation purchase, purchasing powerlery, farming, poultry farm, cattle farming, pisciculture, vegetables and rabi crops. You have to by providing proper agricultural credit to the peasantry by giving proper evaluation.

Gita Rani Majumdar, Assistant General Manager of Agrani Bank, said, “Full-time communication with Agrani Bank customers is continuing to provide various class-based loans. Bank officials are collecting loans like this , as well as providing instant loans.

She also said that in the financial year 2017-2018, the farmers of the country who have land for loan and self-cultivating themselves, are advised to provide instant loans to our Advance Bank’s field assistants. Agrani Bank is distributing 9% simple interest on agricultural production.


Abdul Ghoni, Chandpur Correspondent