Ganoforum President Dr Kamal Hossain, also a senior leader of Jatiya Oikyafront, on Friday said everything is possible if talks are held with an open mind.
Dr Kamal made the statement in a memorial meeting on the occasion of the ‘Jail Killing Day’ at Ganoforum’s office in the capital; what is believed to be an oblique reference to Thursday night’s dialogue with Awami League.
The movement can never be successful by burn-up. We have to remain united. The process to open dialogues is going on,” Dr Kamal said.
He also said it is a constitutional responsibility of a government to ensure a neutral election. People’s unity has been developed based on the dream of independence. Constitutional rights are enjoyed if there is political unity.
“Those who want to keep the country’s owners uncomfortable, if there is unity against them, the situation is bad,” he added.
On Thursday, Dr Kamal led 20-member team had a discussion with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, president of the ruling Awami League, at the Ganobhaban.
The dialogue was focused on reaching a consensus over holding the next general election in a fair, credible and inclusive manner.