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All government services will be made available through Smartphones, as apart from agriculture, the country is also technology-based, and since 1996, has achieved tremendous development in the information technology sector. Post, telecommunications and information technology minister Mustafa Jabbar made the comment while speaking as chief guest at a Smartphone and tab expo inauguration ceremony at Bangabandhu International Conference Center in the capital.
He said, online-based work means computer or laptop, which cannot be used at all times. Rather, Smartphone use has now become easier. This will ensure availability of all government services, anytime and anywhere. All post offices in the country will be digitalised in this term of the government.
‘Digital government means paperless, and paperless means a smart phone in the pocket with installed the apps through which people will get all things like information and other requirements at their fingertips,’ he further said.
The minister while adding said, probably another milestone the country is going to achieve within the next two months is the production of ‘motherboard.’ Raw material obstacles to building motherboard have been removed.’
‘Once the country was import-based, but now we produce and export them to different world destinations. We are now exporting smartphones and laptops, and this year we will also hopefully export our produced motherboards,’ he said.
State Minister Zunaid Ahmed Palak was also present as special guest. He said, under the present government supervision, the country now imports 77 percent smartphone devices. Even some foreign countries are now producing smartphones in our country. Smartphone availability has created 9 crore internet users in the country.
We have already sent a satellite into space; we are working to send another one. The government wants to make available all its services, hence apps are being made.
As per the government’s next five-year employment opportunity plan, a major portion will come from the IT sector. To create skilled manpower, IT department is working, he further said.
Marketing Director of Huawei Consumer Business Group Bangladesh, Eagle Sang, and Samsung mobile Bangladesh general manager, Bomin Kim, among others, also spoke on the occasion.
The SmartPhone and Tab expo is being held for the 11th time in the country, and open from 10am to 8pm. It will end today (Saturday).